Butterfly Minds

Butterfly minds flutter inside
Cocoons of thought where ideas hide
A host of beauty to become 
They break free one by one
Questions woven, questions spun
Answers sought beneath the sun
Wings set sail on the breeze
Adventure found amongst the trees
Soaring over boundless flower
Liberation they devour.

-M, Courage. Copyright 2020.

Fallen stars and lingering shadows

Fearing death seems common, yet we’re dying with each passing day
Slowly like a star, when born our light begins to burn and fade away
Like a shadow, death only appears to us when cast in light
Then when we turn to face him we often feel uneasy at the sight
Behind he closely follows though his silhouette sometimes seems far
But there he lingers always like the shimmers of a fallen star
Shudders down our spines when creeps in the echoes of deaths call
Though curious, I wonder if whilst dying many truly live at all
Just as a poppy rooted in the ground wakes and rests with every sun
Although its beauty blossoms its days spent living are close to none
Our first and final breaths, they mark the beginning and the end
Giving second chances neither one of them afford to lend
Rip out your roots and plant them in as many plots of ground
Sow your seeds around you and discover all that’s waiting to be found
Life and death are joined, bound by a knot you cannot untie
Whilst you’re holding on be sure to live, whilst you surely die…

-M, Courage. Copyright 2020.

Show me how to love again…

Tell me that you think I’m pretty
And you love to watch me smile
That you like holding hands in the city
How I’m you’re favourite number to dial
When your kiss has found my lips
Close your eyes and count to ten
Come find me with your fingertips
Then show me how to love again…

-M, Courage. Copyright 2020.

Bruised love

Out of the blue, finding you was incidental
You gave your love to me, but my return was accidental
If I give my heart to you, promise you’ll be gentle
So many times it’s been loved so temperamental 
Hold it still and safe in yours, but not too sentimental
Play moonlight sonata but go quietly on instrumental
Because when you’re gone that will be detrimental
Don’t give your all to me, this parts’ fundamental
This way the loss will be less monumental.

– M, Courage. Copyright 2020.  


The years they come and go
Like showers in mid June
Some pour and others drizzle
But they all pass by so soon
And yet we’re often longing
For days spent in the sun
Our days, they often finish
Before they have begun
Each passing second
Spent in rain or shine
Don’t give second chances
Cause those are thieved by time
And you shall never catch him
He grows quicker with each year
The only time he’ll give you
Is this moment now, right here…

-M, Courage. Copyright 2020.

Seeds + Apples

The world is like an apple
It’s browning to its core
Soon it will be rotten
And it’s juice will be no more
Poisoned by some maggots
The likes of you and me
Who sealed its fate forever
When we tore it from its tree 
The last one of its kind
Snatched by a filthy hand
Devoured in selfish thought
Then tossed away onto the land
To wither and decay
And be savaged by the birds 
Once it’s worth is perished 
Its seeds are stamped on by the herds
Their value squashed and crushed
And extinct forever more 
But who needs seeds and apples
When you’ve got paper galore!

– M, Courage. Copyright 2020.

Staircase to heaven…

A staircase of clouds leading into the light
A trip through an open door taken by kite
A place amongst stars which always shines bright
And never fears the dark though surrounded by night

A boat setting sail across sea under moon
A swim through the ocean led by dolphin tune
A midnight dip in a hidden blue lagoon 
That welcomes in day as the sun is set to rise soon

The top of a mountain that’s covered in snow
Clouds parting ways as a cool breeze starts to blow 
And down drops a rope all the way to your toes
And pulls you above as the morning sun glows…

-M, Courage. Copyright 2020.

Waltz of the raindrops!

Raindrops pirouette from the skies and twirl smoothly to the ground
They never miss a single beat and by tempo they are bound
Each drip, each drop are guided by a charming melody
Together they dance nimble like a sugar plum fairy
Mid air, a graceful arabesque they do pause and pose
Then jeté towards the flowers and land in plié on a rose
Soft and angelic they glissé against its root
Upon the ground they coupé to the tune of every flute
As their song begins to close they leap up towards the clouds
On their way they are hailed by the gathering crowds
When their waltz is over and the curtains draw in blue
Patient they will wait until it’s time to dance once more for you!

-M, Courage. Copyright 2020.

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